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How is the process to creating urine?

Do you know how your urine is created? Urine is the result of our metabolism process. It is created through excretion process of our body and processed in kidney and excreted to outer body through urine’s excretion duct. The processes of products urine consist of 3 main processes. There are filtration, reabsorb, and the last is augmentation.
Filtration is filter process to separating substances which still used by our body and substances which unused again by our body. Filtration occurs in nephrones. First, bloods from renal vena enter to kidney and then in nephrone, it is filtered. The result of this process is prime urine, this urine has not proteins but still contain amino acids (small protein). And then prime urine flowed to bowman capsule.
From bowman capsule, urine enters to proximal tubules. In this tubule will occur reabsorb process. The substances that absorb by proximal tubules are substances that still useful for our body, such as amino acids, glucoses, and minerals. The result from reabsorb process is called secondary urine. Secondary urine will enter to distal tubules for augmentation process. But before enter to distal tubule, secondary urine through loop of henle. Here occurred absorb of water and mineral salt (NaCl) again. 
Then secondary urine enters to the distal tubule. In this part occurs augmentation process, it is added substances which useless for our body. For example H+,K+,NH3 , and creatinin. Now, urine will collected in collectives duct and then go to pelvis and to go out from our body through ureter to urinary bladder and then through urethra. And go out in urine shape.
The normal urine contains of water, urea, ammonia, ureat acids, NaCl, and some drug substances. We will feel like urinate when urine in our urinary bladder have full. And you shouldn’t hold to urinate because it is the bad way and dangerous for our body. The other excretion process like urine excretion is sweat excretion. Urine and sweat excretion have relation in our body system.

by : charoline diah

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